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Skin care is personal to me. My skin is extremely sensitive and quickly reacts negatively to a variety of ingredients. Searching for the right skin care routine, I tried countless skin care products that promised quick help. But I was growing increasingly frustrated. Even though I spent hours reviewing, purchasing, and applying various products, I had the feeling that I was only treating symptoms but not their cause.

I decided to take the well-being of my skin into my own hands. As a pharmacist, I decided to approach it from an exclusively evidence-based angle. Consequently, I began to research ingredients whose effects were scientifically proven and, at the same time, compatible with my skin. It quickly became clear to me that the key to healthy skin is a daily skin care routine that provides three things: First, a way to cleanse the skin in the morning and evening from all the dirt, pollutants, and product residues. Second, a day cream that moisturizes the skin and provides it with all the essential nutrients while protecting it from harmful influences (like the sun!) during the day. And third, a night cream that helps the skin to regenerate at night.

Based on my personal experience and research, I founded aepell and developed the holistic skin care concept that you see today on this website. My goal has always been twofold: Simplify skin care and reduce it to what is actually necessary and useful.  And make it personal, because what works for your best friend may not work for you. That’s why your aepell products and routine are adapted to the individual needs of your skin. In addition, all our products go hand-in-hand and complement each other perfectly. There are no duplicate ingredients or other “filler” ingredients that your skin doesn’t need. We are committed to full transparency, clean products and only scientifically proven ingredients. Completely free of substances and ingredients that are harmful or unnecessary for the skin. These include aggressive preservatives, fragrances, coloring agents, mineral oil products and animal products. Because sometimes less is more.

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Meet Celia

Celia posts regularly on aepell’s Instagram page. She shares personal skin care tips and answers questions about face and skin care.

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